rain on a Sunday

from by Versis



I was inspired by witnessing my brother struggle with alcoholism as a by-product of unresolved emotional pain. He helped me realize the importance of self-love, which is something I never even thought about until a couple years ago.


conflicted like rain on a Sunday
life could be a one-way
wrong turn, DTLA
self destructive as a salty snail bitter 'bout living cause it can't bring itself to shake its shell
well well well
lada didi dadida ey ey ey ey
lada didi dadi ey ey ey
lada didi dadida lada didi dadida
ey ey ey ey


from copeæsthetic, released November 11, 2015
produced by t. hemingway

additional vocals by nonchalant savant & kid a



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